Apr 28

We need your help!

Hello all,

First, I have opened Pre-Registration online as well as donations and trophy sponsorships.

For those of you who have attended the show in the past, my name is David and I take care of registration. My dad, Art, takes care of contacting businesses and trying to secure donations of all sorts. In addition, he is a MAJOR help in getting everything setup the day of the show, waking up and being at the show site usually around 6am, until about 6pm when we finish packing up the show. And if you have visited our website lately, you may notice that it has not been updated in quite a while. My dad has been ill since the beginning of this year and I have been taking care of him and obviously the website and pre-registration have been on the backburner. Vicki, who already has her plate full coordinating the entire show, has been helping pick up some of my dads tasks, but we’re still short one person either way you see it… We need help!

BUT DON’T WORRY, WE’RE STILL HAVING THE CAR SHOW!! We will still have raffle prizes, trophies; everything we’ve had in the past. 🙂

However, this year we need your help more than ever. My dad is recovering quite well, but still has a long road ahead of him. We haven’t made very many calls to businesses to secure donations, and we are 47 days away from this years show, so we are asking you to PLEASE help us make this a successful year. If you can spare a little bit more this year for a donation, or a trophy sponsorship, we would greatly appreciate it. Furthermore, if you can help us setup everything the morning of the show, please call Vicki at 217.344.0610 and leave her your contact information, and we will be in touch. We are a Best of the Best Qualifying Show, so this years show is going to be even BIGGER!

Some of you have may also received the flyer in the mail, and we inadvertently left out the gate price for the day of the show, if you haven’t already pre-registered. As usual, the gate price is $15. We apologize for the inconvenience. In other words, YOU MAY STILL REGISTER THE DAY OF THE SHOW. PRE-REGISTRATION IS NOT A REQUIREMENT.

Thank you,
David & The Show Team

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